WBCSD’s Vision for the Future of Work

We are calling on business to combine their insights, innovation and influence to be responsible and be transformative. ​

Vision for the
Future of Work

People work to thrive, personally, professionally and as active members of society.

Our vision puts people at the heart of the future of work. It inspires, informs and aligns business innovation for a sustainable future of work. ​

What does our vision mean for a person’s life?


Financially secure and free of anxiety for livelihoods


Enjoy physical and mental well-being


Empowered to shape lifestyles and career paths


Feel proud of personal accomplishments and contributions

What does our vision mean in practice?

To make this vision a reality, we need to envision a better system of work.

The workforce

People have access to fair pay and financial security and are free of anxiety for their livelihoods. People are able to provide for their families, invest in their dreams, and contribute to their communities. Individuals are empowered to develop the skills needed for work, life and future employability. They can access the education and training needed to perform their work well and build opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Businesses are transparent, inclusive and connected. They provide meaningful work that contributes to society, and opportunities for people and economies to grow. Workplaces are safe spaces that protect and nurture people’s physical and mental well-being and encourage them to build meaningful connections.

Labor markets

The labor market is adaptive, inclusive and geared towards providing opportunities for all.

Social support mechanism

A strengthened social contract builds trust, alignment and cooperation between individuals, governments, business and society.

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