Workforce Strategy Diagnostic

Who’s behind it? – PwC (2019)

How can it help? – PwC’s diagnostic and maturity model, informed by the firm’s research and extensive experience in designing and implementing future workforce strategies,  assesses preparedness in four distinct areas:

  • Planning – How effective is today’s planning process?  How do you integrate business financial and workforce planning processes?  How will your workforce mix change based on new technologies, sourcing models or location strategy?
  • Purpose – How are you making working decisions that are aligned with your stated purpose and values? How are you managing fear and anxiety associated with your technology and automation strategy?
  • Talent– Are you making the right investments in today’s talent programs in order to future-proof your business?  Does your employer brand attract the right talent? Are your reskilling investments building the right mix of management and digital skills?  Do your diversity, wellbeing and rewards programs meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce?
  • Technology – Are your technology investments being optimised to drive the right digital employee experience and level of productivity?
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