Doing Well and Doing Good in Asia

Who’s behind it? – Human Capital Leadership Institute (2019)

How can it help? – There is an increasing emphasis on the need for businesses to be purpose led, to align profitability and sustainability, and to demonstrate the ability to achieve commercial success and positive outcomes for society and the environment. However significant gaps exist for leaders to successfully evolve their business models and organizations in response to this. This study aims to better understand the levers that are most critical in accelerating the development of organizations and leaders able to steward the business for the longer term. The research explores whether sustainability in Asia has a different lens. The findings and recommendations draw on a series of interviews undertaken with selected executives from companies that have forged a reputation for their commitment to building sustainable and enduring organizations that aspire to both do well and do good, and that have also been recognized publicly for the progress that they have made in acting on a sustainability agenda.

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